What Does Front Yard Landscaping Cost in San Diego?

Front yard landscaping is the perfect way to increase the curb appeal of your house. Depending on your needs, the size of your yard, and the items you choose, the cost for the landscaping service can vary greatly. Here is a guide to help you determine your options, no matter your budget!

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Landscape Design

The first step to starting your curb appeal project is having a Landscape Design. A design is the road map to your landscape project, and takes a lot of the guess work on what’s going where, quantity of plants and how much square feet of paving do we need? Some front yards may only require a few hours to design where others can be more extensive and take more time to design. Front yards under 500sq.ft can cost between $500-$800 for a simple landscape plan, and to design larger front yards with more details and amenities can cost upwards of $2K.

Front Yard Cleanup & Front Yard Grading

The first step to the installation of your front yard landscape project is site work and clean up. Some projects may only require removing a couple of shrubs and some old turf.  Other projects could involve scraping the whole yard and creating a clean canvas. Depending on the size of yard and scope of work a simple clean up a front yard could cost roughly $1.5K. Scraping and removing everything in your front yard and creating a clean canvas with the use of machinery and hauling could cost upward of $4K or more.

Driveway Installation

Our San Diego landscaping company can help you turn your driveway dreams into reality! Driveways are a big investment, but if your old driveway has seen better days, getting it refinished will dramatically improve curb appeal. On average, a compact two car driveway without extra room between parked cars and the sidewalk can cost around $10k-$12k. Above average sized driveway with plenty of room and a unique design can cost around $14k-$17k

Walkway Additions

Walkways are an excellent choice for upping the curb appeal of your home. The cost for installing a walkway will vary depending on the material that is used for your project. Walkways typically require less square footage than driveway installation, but they cost more per square foot. Other prices, like labor required for creating an intricate design, can also accrue. Some common walkway materials and their pricing includes:

  • Front Entrance concrete walkway with various finishes without steps can range from $3K-$6K A large concrete paving entrance with steps, landings and low walls can cost between $9K-12K
  • Simple paving stone or steppingstone walkway $3K-$5K A complex side yard requiring steps and a retaining wall system can cost between $10K-$15K

Front Gardens

Your front garden is what really brings attention and sets eyes on your front yard.to your front yard. Depending on the size and scope of work prices can range from a compact yard with a simple garden to a larger size yard with an extensive garden. A compact yard with one tree and a mix of shrubs/perennials can range from $3-5K. An average-sized yard with a full garden with a couple of trees and a mix of shrubs/perennials is $5-8K. A larger size yard with more extensive gardens can cost upwards of $6-10K. Factors to consider when it comes to the cost of your front garden. Homeowners might want that instant wow factor by having larger more established container-sized plants planted. Where other homeowners might not mind waiting a couple of years for smaller sized container plant to be fully established.


Irrigation is one of the most important features to install for your San Diego front yard landscape. and should not be overlooked. San Diego irrigation systems help keep your landscape healthy, vital, and looking good all year long. Irrigation costs can start at $2-$3K for a compact yard with minimal lawn and gardens. $3K-$5K Average size yard. $6K-$9K or more for a large estate backyard.


Lawn landscaping services prices are based on the type of grass that you select to be laid. Sod can range in color and height. To properly install your new lawn which includes prepping of lawn area, fine grading a fertilizing to ensure that your lawn will thrive. Cost’s range from $1.5K to $5K

Sod that grows well in warmer climates. They include:

  • Seashore Paspalum, which is low maintenance and great in direct sun
  • St. Augustine, which is high maintenance but good for shady yards
  • Tall fescue, which tolerates lots of sun and is low maintenance

Fountain and Water Features

Fountains and water features are a great way to add beauty and elegance to your front yard. The sound of trickling water will attract songbirds and create a welcoming, soothing ambiance. Smaller Bubbling rock with Pondless basin can cost between $3-5K. A larger, more complex full feature pond with waterfall and lighting can cost between $13K-$20K.

Outdoor Lighting

Why not show off your landscape at night. Adding landscape lighting will enhance your curb appeal and provide visual interest at night. Up lighting Trees, adding path lights for walkways and highlighting focal points not only provide visual interest to your landscape. It is also great for safety, and security. A simple LED lighting package with a transformer can cost $2.5K and the costs can go up from there.

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